S.M.A.R.T | What We Offer…
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What We Offer…

Our Focus is on helping you develop an online platform that is reflective of your business brand and generating high quality leads that you can convert into clients. We do this through the following Services:

Website Design or Re-design

Having a great website is no longer a luxury…it’s a necessity.


Virtually all of your prospects will either find you online or research you online before becoming a client and your website is the 24/7 reflection of your brand.  If you don’t have an existing website, we’ll create one for you. If you have an existing website, we’ll upgrade it to be reflective of what you want to be known for so that when your Ideal Prospects do find you they’ll know they’ve found the solution they’re looking for.
If you’re interested in a new website or improving your current site, our web design solutions start at $1995. You can talk to one of our marketing specialists to learn more by submitting your information here:


Funnel Creation

In any business you need to:

1. Know who you really want to work with.

2. Get in front of those people…showing them what your business stands for.

3. Get them to know, like and trust you.

4. Ask them to become clients.

5. Over Deliver like crazy…giving them what they want and giving them more than they expected.


That’s it.


So do you know who you want to work with?

Do you know where they are?

If so…you need marketing funnels to achieve steps 3 & 4.

You need to get your Ideal Prospects to either opt in so you can get them to know, like and trust you…or you need them to experience what you have to offer first hand.

You need (at most) the following 3 funnels:


Funnel #1 – Your Evergreen Funnel – this is your main offer that is going on 12 months a year. This is where typical prospects who are looking for the type of solution you offer can test drive what you have to offer.


Funnel #2 – Your Deadline Driven Funnel – this is the funnel you use when you run deadline driven offers like Transformation Contests or similar short-term offerings.


Funnel #3 – Your Lead Magnet Funnel – This is the funnel you’re using to build your email list. All too often fitness professionals lose sight of the fact that if their list is growing with the right types of prospects – they’re assured of their clientele and income growing too.


Our funnel creation services start at $395 for simple Lead Magnet Funnels and $495 for Evergreen & Deadline Driven Funnels. You can talk to one of our marketing specialists to learn more by submitting your information here:


List Building Contest Management

You’ve heard that the money is in the list.


It’s true…and there is no faster way to build a responsive list than through running a targeted contest. An effective contest will get your clients to share and refer, allow you to turn your network into a high powered group of advocates for your business and allow you to stand out from the crowd on the social media channels you use…plus, the cost for new email subscribers through this channel is often less than half the cost through traditional channels.


Our contest management services start at $245. You can talk to one of our marketing specialists to learn more by submitting your information here: